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Listing Goods & Services

Listing goods and services on Export market is essential part of your export strategy that allows to set up shortly Online presence and grow your business and sales in all Russian speaking regions. Start from submitting inquiry.
Service: Listing goods and services
Attention: Factories, Suppliers, Exporters, Agencies and Service providers 
Proposal: Submit your articles and services to Widexport for listing in Export market
Listing: from 6 (six) month to 1 (one) year with payment on the go
Advantages: Fastest way to grow your business and sales in Russian regions
Condition: Quality goods and services. Properly certified and ready to export & dropship
Subscription: Subscribe for the Market prices
Marketing: We market and sell your goods & services while they’re listed
Inquiry For Listing

Submit inquiry with relevant person contact for further communication.



Market publications

Ongoing publications related to the export goods, analytics, and services.